Helen Eilene's Chicken Fried Pork Chops

Grandma Helen, when she was young and sassy. cir.1935

Above is my grandmother. Below is one of her recipes. Later on I will fill you in a little more about my wonderful grannie.


Dang, I just made these and didn’t get any pictures! I’m slipping. These were my favorites growing up. The pork chops just fall off the bones. And other than thin cut pork chops fried to a wonderful crispyness, this is my favorite way to have them.

  • 6 regular cut pork chops, not thin, not too thick
  • mustard (I love Trader Joes garlic mustard in all my meat cooking)
  • flour, enough to dredge
  • 2 cans chicken noodle soup (chicken with stars would work too or chicken with rice)

This is so easy! Spray a large skillet with oil, then spread about a Tbsp of oil around in pan and heat on medium. Brush the mustard on both sides of the chops and dredge in flour. Lay in pan and brown on both sides. I usually can only fit 4 or 5 in the pan at once and do the rest after the first batch of browning. Put all the browned chops back in the skilllet and pour the soup over them all. Pour about 1/2 soup can of water over it all too. Then let simmer on medium low heat for about 45 minutes. Add water if it looks too dry. I also might move some chops around if they dont all fit in comfortably, rotating after cooking awhile.

Makes its own gravy out of the soup!

(thanks mom for the picture. She made these for Paul and I for lunch the other day and I almost screamed “get your camera” when I saw what they were. She hadn’t told me what she was making and I did not bring my camera. She is always prepared though.)

These are just screaming for mashed potatoes. They might hollar a little for rice. Nice salad, biscuits, mmm. Oh yeah, I made the sauted carrots I found a recipe for in the paper a while back. Think I will include them in here too.