Mistletoe Kitchen

My Aunt Jo Ann Frazier is, along with her husband Jessie, the innkeeper at this lovely B&B in Alexander City AL. (http://mistletoebough.com/) We visit as often as we can and I have been there in almost every season. This kitchen is truly the heart of the home and since it is a big Victorian home, it needs a big heart. It may not be  the biggest kitchen I have ever seen, but it is the one I love the most.

Speaking of seasons, there is only very cold, hot with a large side of humid, and for a few brief days, beautiful spring. No, I’m sorry,goe-geousspring, with a thick southern accent. Now you gotta know I am from southern California, so any weather at all seems extreme to me. And at my age, I have about a 3 point temperature range for a comfort zone. I know, there are plenty of people out there that deal with real cold and are hip deep in it. But still, auntie was raised here in socal too, so she notices it. brrr.

Baby Jo Ann

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One of the fine dining rooms
This here is a mighty old greenhouse
Here is the beautiful talahousa-paloosa-opalika, whatever bridge
so paul, just how hot is it?
springtimeThe Ladies Salon