Daves Movie of the Week

Here you will find my hubbies movie favorites of the week. He is a connoisseur of many things, such as fine wine, cigars, cardboard boxes and movies. Fact is he just has plain good taste and is my go-to guy for many decisions I need to make. I’d say we have close to 1,000 movies here in our home so of course, this site needs a movie spot, right?

This weeks pix is “Around the World in 80 days”. The Michael Todd production version from 1956. Did you know the producer, who turned director was married to Elizabeth Taylor at the time? They had a daughter together and after only a brief marriage, he died tragically in a plane crash. The story about him was as interesting as the movie itself. It was filmed on location all around the world, has dozens of cameos by all the familiar names of the time and was lavish in its production. It won best picture up against movies such as “the King and I”, “Giant”, and “the 10 Commandments”. Plus its rated G and it perfect family-break-out-the-popcorn-bowls-night entertainment. (although due to its long length, you might want to make it a 2 nighter. I mean they are going around the world).


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