La French Toast, non?


Whats the first, most easiest thing most kids learn to cook? Pop tarts don’t count. French toast probably. It  doesn’t even need a post of its own, it is so easy. But I want more posts on my easy-peasy page, so here it is.

Did you know?  that the making of french toast has been around North America and Europe as a use for day old bread forever. It didn’t even originate in France (the nerve!) That and bread pudding are great ways to use stale bread and homemade bread back-in-the-day went stale very fast. Now we use any kind of bread. Just make sure its sturdy, not the wonder bread type of creation. (which we all know is not really bread anyway, ish) Use sourdough, french, multi-grain, homemade, even raison bread. This will make enough for about 4 pieces of french toast.

First, heat up a skillet brushing the bottom with a little vegy oil.

In a pasta bowl or other shallow dish, mix a couple eggs, whipping until blended and add a splash of milk. Maybe 3-4 Tbls. There is no set amount. More or less milk, more mouths to feed, more eggs. Aunt Jo Ann adds orange juice instead of milk. umm.

My assistant mixing up the eggs.

Sprinkle some cinnamon into it. It will be clumpy. Unless you use my favorite Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus, (←click here) which (sniff, ahhh) has nutmeg, orange, allspice, cloves and ginger. Use it cheerfully in any recipe using cinnamon.

Order it from Pampered Chef, yum

That’s pretty much it. Once the skillet is hot, dip the bread in the egg mixture, first one side, then flip. The thicker or harder the bread is, the longer you hold it into the egg mixture. But no more than a few seconds. Better do this near the stove to reduce drippage.  Lay it into the skillet,(hear it tssss)  fry kinda like a pancake, then turn when golden brown. Voila!

One little extra thing I like to do is a form of “stuffed” french toast. Real stuffed french toast is a thicker slice of french bread, with a cut in the crust side, making a pocket to stuff with any  number of wonderful things. Mine I got from the ‘Waterfront Cafe” in Garden Grove. They used to offer ‘French Toast Royal’, which is basically stuffed french toast.  You mix some cream cheese with apricot jam. I used about 2 Tbsp of each in a bowl. I spread the jam mixture on the bread like a PB&J sandwich. Then I dip it into the egg mixture like before and fry like normal. Its extra wonderful, pour on the syrup, have a fruit cup on the side and don’t worry about the calories.(shh)

Soon I will add a post for  the recipe  ‘French Toast Bites’, a Swedish dish that is wonderful holiday breakfast food.


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