Cooking Classes at Sur La Table

This last spring I signed up for several classes at Sur la Table. What fun!  I learned to make ricotta, mozzarella and other cheese and quick flavored butter, watched an amazing bread baker in action, Peter Reinhart, and just had to buy his book “Artisan Breads Every Day”. I went to a class on baking with eggs and made souffles, quiche and vanilla-orange custard with caramel,(ohhh my).

Then, as a birthday gift for Cassie, a semi-daughter of ours, I signed us up for French Patries class. Oo-la-la, c’est tres bien!  We made eclairs, napoleons, chocolate macaroons with ganache filling and pate-a-chous. (dont ask). It was wonderful, fun and now I have a cookbook from Sur La Table to boot. (on sale!)

Roll, Cassie, roll

It’s the first time in my life I have ever had cooking classes. Back when I needed them, I coudn’t afford them. But it’s never too late, thats what I love about cooking. You need to keep learning new things to keep that stuff between your ears from turning to mush!


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