Raw Milk

I am one of those raw milk advocates and have been buying it for a few years now, when I can. It is expensive as heck, but wonderful, living food. And its probably illegal to buy or sell  where you are!  Just don’t get me started! How can a whole, wholesome food, created by nature itself become illegal in so many states because dairies refuse to be clean? Easier to just be dirty then pasteurize it I guess. And, yes it does last longer in the fridge when pasterized. But seriously, to make it illegal? (okay, I’ve started, watch out)

We are blessed in California to have at least 3 raw milk certified dairies, that I am aware of. I used to get mine from a co-op, but now I buy it when I can at Mothers Market, which is almost the only place left to get it around here. Maybe I’ll try a co-op again. Anyway, the dairies are scrupulously clean and self check for bacteria count and so on several times every day, posting results on the web. At least Organic Pastures does. (←click)  Their cows graze out on green grass pastures, where God intended them to graze. Their milk is clean and flavorful and their website is lots of fun. 

Raw milk has to be kept in the coldest part of the fridge. When you want a glass, you shake it and shake it (and the cap better be on tight!). If not, you get a very creamy first glass or 2, then skim milk after that. If we don’t drink it fast enough and it goes sour, it is real sour milk, not curdled like the pasteurized kind, but sour and great for baking. Use it as you would buttermilk in breads,  muffins, crumb cake…

Interesting, but in my oldest cookbook, the 1935 “Boston Cooking School Cook Book” by Fannie Merritt Farmer (yes, good ol’ Fannie Farmer), the very first thing, as you open the cover, is a list of recipes and where to find them, called ‘ways to use sour milk and cream’.  It is even separated into a list for 1 cup or less of milk, more than 1 cup or sour cream.

Then organc milk gets my goat too!  Have you noticed it is “ultra-pasteurized”? So, any traces of healthy enzymes it might have already had, those things that help you digest it and make it good for you, those things are totally destroyed! You can leave it out at room temp and it wont even sour, until its been opened and bad bacteria gets into it. So, yes, its organic, but really, is it anything more than white water and some calcium? It’s so disappointing.

Okay, I’ll stop now, deep breath…


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