Day off in SoCal

So, our first trip to the beach this summer! Ahh, tote our few belongings to the shore, stake out a spot, not too crowded, not too far from the lifeguards. I get the queen chair. The boys sit on boogie boards or towels. Mind you, my tootsies never even touched the water. Not even the foamy stuff. Around August the water might be warm enough for me. In the meantime, I love listening to the gulls and the waves, watching my boys dig holes to China and watching the lifeguards pulling people out right and left. Either that was a new, exuberant life guard on duty or there was a strong tide out there today.

I sat with a wide brimmed hat and read a book I had just picked up from the library. I am by no means, a sun worshiper. Remember that “I Love Lucy” episode, where Lucy was in Palm Springs I think it was, our sitting by the pool in a big hat and full length coat so as not to get burned? Yep, that’s me. hat, long summer dress, vest over that and sitting under the sun umbrella if possible. If there was a bathing suit under there somewhere, you would never know it. I will sit here, looking over new recipes to try, and if I love them, I would want to run out and get the book. One of my favorite baking books started that way, as a library book. After a couple of recipes, I just had to have it and found it on Amazon, used, for just a couple bucks. Here is the one I was looking at today:

Americas Test Kitchen, Lost Recipes

I am afraid I didn’t get far, but I want to try the “Just Chicken Pie” and the “Corn Oysters” , oh, and the “Brooklyn Cheese Puffs” for starters.(←click)

So while the rest of the world was glued to their flat screens or in pubs all watching the world cup soccer match (I don’t even want to talk about it.) we were breathing in heady salt air, digging our feet in the sand, squinting to see Catalina on the horizon and thinking about the caramel cake I was going to finish frosting when I got home.


One thought on “Day off in SoCal

  1. The beach and a recipe book! I can’t think of a better combination, except maybe the beach and a quilt magazine. I’m sure you had one of those in your magic beach bag, too. Wish I could have been there.

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