Meet one of my Best Friends, “The Wooden Spoon Bread Book

Have you seen this one?  What a treasure! And the first in my series of  ‘Meet My Best Friends’. The first one I turn to when I have a baking quest. The Wooden Spoon Bread Book by Marilyn M. Moore. She is wonderful, homey, like having a beloved, old aunt visit you in the kitchen.  There are no bread machine recipes in here, just all hand made breads, and rolls, oh, and muffins and croissants and…

Stacked Cinnamon Loaf

This is one of those time when I was in the library, waiting for my son to finish finding something to read (or else no more video games!) So I strolled, naturally, over to the baking section. Hmm-hmm-hmm, whats this? Here was this book and I liked the title right away. I love working with wooden spoons. (My little muffins would scatter at the sound of them rattling in their holder, I wonder why?) I took it home, right away tried a few recipes, like the ‘stacked cinnamon loaf’ and the ‘honey wheat bread’. Successes, both! Wowsers, it looks like I am going to have to own this one. She has a sweet petals recipe she calls, “cinnamon saucisson” that I made, oh, yum!

So I went to Amazon and found a used first edition, just like the library one, for only a few dollars and bought it. Sigh, we have been best friends ever since. Do you know she helped me finally find the ultimate easy and delicious homemade doughnuts? I have tried and tried, getting very frustrated with bready or tasteless and dry doughnuts. This book has several doughnut recipes and my favorite is the “sour cream doughnuts” on page 229. In fact my pages are usually stuck together from use. And there are so many I still want to try, like what the heck is “chicken-butter bread”? I just have to know!

She understands my neeeed to bake! And loved the cake too.

Here is my dear friend Julie, who is a bake-a-holic queen, and also has this book. We were once considering splitting all the recipes in half and cooking every one of them!  But reality rang its little bell and our obligations brought us out of the clouds. So, for the time being, this project was put on hold.

I believe this book is still in print, even though my copy is from 1987! There are over 250 recipes to enjoy, and now that I have pulled it out, I may as well try another one. 250? Man, I think I have really only tried about 8. I just love them and keep coming back to them.


2 thoughts on “Meet one of my Best Friends, “The Wooden Spoon Bread Book

  1. That cake WAS scrumptious! And yes, I DO understand your “need to bake.” If we occasionally fall into obsessions, at least baking’s not a sin! And our efforts do bring pleasure and comfort to those we care to share goodies with. Cooking IS fun, but I think all the glory is in the BAKING!

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