Baking Bacon, what a concept!

I feel like I have just discovered a new source of atomic energy or something! Its amazing, easy and frees me up from the drudgery of flipping bacon. Where has this been all my life!

Okay, I get carried away. But we like our bacon around here. When I fry it,  I usually burn some, or get the boingy ends undercooked. I have to make batch after batch because I can only fit so many in my pan. Now, I just pop a sheet of them in the oven and it does all the work for me, so I am free to.. to.. make the pancakes, or scramble eggs, or watch “Flapjack” with Paul, whatever. I can’t say I exactly invented this idea, but I did find it and come next fall, when we are not suffering from the heat, you will all thank me for this.


Its soo easy. Turn your oven on to 400 degrees.

Take a cookie sheet and a piece of aluminum foil a tad bigger than the cookie sheet you are using. Crumple the foil up a little, then pull it out to lay on the cookie sheet. The crinkles keep the bacon out of its own fat a little bit. Now lay as much bacon as you want, as long as it is on one layer, not overlapping.

Put it into the oven and thats about it. It takes about 12-17 minutes depending on how thick your bacon is and how crunchy you like it. (I had a picture of Paul eating a piece, but it turned out blurry. Next time!)


3 thoughts on “Baking Bacon, what a concept!

  1. Baking bacon is our favorite! Ever since I saw it in a Taste of Home magazine, I’ve never looked back. I always hated the popping and never getting it quite right on the stove top, so the oven is wonderful. And it always comes out perfectly crispy!

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