Grandmas hands are never idle, handmade dishrags!

So what does your grandma do in her spare time? My children’s grandma started making dish clothes a couple years ago and cannot seem to find her off button. She makes them for Christmas gifts, thank yous, going away gifts, I-am-in-a-good-mood gifts…

And that is good news for me and lots of other folks who, with the slightest hint, get to go home with a handful of new towels. She looks for yarn on sale, just the right kind you know, picks the colors that go together well. Then makes some out of the tail ends of yarns to keep for herself. (the ugly ones she calls them). She has bags of them waiting for homes.

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But these towels are wonderful!! Thick, absorbent, long lasting. I have yet to have one fall apart. The colors eventually fade after many washings. But the ones photographed still have color and have already been used quite a bit and washed many times. I dont have any new ones to shoot for this post, but wanted to do this before I forget that I wanted to do this. (Where was I?)

Here is why I don’t make them for me.

Yuck, so I can't crochet. It looks like it has been through a war.

Okay, so this was my first one. But the rest weren’t much better. And with a mom making so many, why compete?

Love you mom!

Next “memory lane” post Great Grandmas raggedy ann dolls!


3 thoughts on “Grandmas hands are never idle, handmade dishrags!

  1. I loved the ones that you gave me! As a matter of fact, I am making them myself for Christmas presents this year! I hope I can find the off button once I start, I have too much quilting to do!

  2. Mom is the greatest- she always makes them PERFECT! Mine are affectionately called octagons! never the same shape twice.

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