Time Traveling Blog site!! Extra-extra!

Why, for the love of pete, does my calander (see below, left)  suddenly say it is one day ahead? It is not Tuesday the 3rd. If it was, we would not be getting ready for boy scouts. It is Monday the 2nd. It is not street sweeping day yet.  I cannot figure out how to change it, only how to change the format. So I will wait for it to  just have to get over it and go back to normal. Humph!

In the meantime, do not rely on me for a correct date. I will keep you posted if it fixes itself.


Ah-Ha! my UTC time was off. What the heck does UTC stand for anyway? Ultimate Time Control? Uber Time Contingencies? Anyway, its fixed. I no longer get moved to tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon.


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