Name that movie quote! #1

We are movie buffs, my husband and I. And lets face it, most people in America have a base of common movie quotes we all are familiar with. Especially since Star Wars. (“rebel scum” “help me, obie wan kanobi, your my only hope” “Only you could be so bold”…)…I have scads of them. Yes, scads. Bigger than a dozen, more than a bunch.  First person to get this right, hmm. New car? Trip to Europe? How about you send me a picture of you, a favorite person or pet, and I will post it for you with kudos from me. Here you go:

“I have just met you and I love you”

(hint: This movie just came out last year.)

Tell me the movie and who said it.

good luck


2 thoughts on “Name that movie quote! #1

    1. Huzzah! You where the first to send in the right answer! I knew you guys would know this one. Send me a pic with a blurb about it and I will post it! Kudos to the big winners!

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