Is it hot enough for you yet?

Around here in southern CA, August is a ticking time bomb. Any minute it is going to blow. KA-BOOM have some heat now! Here so far, we have had the mildest summer I can remember. All  I hear about is how hot, humid, sweltering, muggy, sticky it is everywhere else in the USA. Hello Jo Ann in Alabama. Texas, Kansas, even Oregon and Washington. I am assuming just ’cause I don’t know people in all the other states, that they are all sitting under mother natures broiler oven. I feel for you honey, I really do.

Remember visiting Alabama that one summer?

 Yet somehow,here we sit, unnoticed maybe by nature, still enjoying temperatures in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s. Thank you God for the Pacific Ocean being so close and all, protecting us with its cool marine layer. I love it and wake up each day, trepidatiously look out the window, feel the air. Are we still under its protection? Has August finally caught up with us. Whew, not yet. But its like waiting for the other shoe to drop. The heat clouds on the horizon will start building up, huge, billowing and filled with rain and lightening for the mountains. To us, it just is like bumpers on a bowling alley, except instead of holding in the bowling balls, its holding back the cool breezes from sweeping over us, holding in the heat. Once it starts, yikes! August, September, most of October. Hotttt and humidddd.

Then usually by Halloween it starts to cool off. We always plan cool costumes for trick or treat then end up sticking jackets on underneith them.

Now, mind you, I know I have no right to complain and I’m not really. I sympathise, I really do, with the other 99% of the country. I am just making an observation of how lucky we have had it this year, even more than usual. After all, there has to be some up side to the traffic, smog, overcrowded events, lack of parking at Costco, for living among the fruits and nuts of the world. And that up side is…ta-da..our weather. Okay and our beaches. But people that move here, its the weather baby!

Now, for you women over a certain age. The rest of you can go sip mojitos in front of your air conditioners for now. There is nothing like having a hot flash in the middle of a heat wave, huh? You are already hot enough when suddenly you are almost giddy with heat.

“Did I die and am I in hell?”

“Where is my fan!!??”

“I need a shower, NOW!”

 Then you start to cool off again, cool being relative, and for one brief moment, you are comfortable. Then the summer heat beats you back again. And you know you are going to go through it all again in say, half an hour or so. Maybe I think of this because I noticed the AC in my car is not pumping out cool air anymore. Just air. Sans conditioning. Sigh. I drive a lot in the summer too.

think cool thoughts


I do have an AC in my bedroom, thank you God and Dave! But, like much of Orange County, we don’t have central AC. After all, open up the front and back doors and nature blesses us with afternoon breezes like clockwork 3/4 of the year, whether we want it or not. Ocean breezes that once swept over the ocean waves, picked up a little salty moisture, continued past all the lotion-ed up sun bathers, swimmers and hot sand, past the freeways,  pushed right on through into my house on their way by to slowly die out before bringing relief to the inlanders. (sorry guys, we used it all up). So why need AC? I inspect houses all the time. Just today, I was in Torrance. “By the way, do you have AC?” “Why no, why should we?  It is cool here all year.” And in Manhattan Beach, same thing, in fact any of your cities ending with the word ‘beach’, you probably really wont find much need for AC units. Just pool services.

Alright, I am going to go bake a sticky toffy pudding while I still can. To each of you, may you find the cool spot of your house, bring a good book and loose yourself in it for a while.

Love L


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