Roman Holiday

Si, herea is an olda favoritea of oursa. It takes usa backa to oura vacation-a in  Italy, eh?  David says to get it out, dust if off and make some pop corn. Its time to relive that vacation which started off, of course, in Rome. (And yes, every word the Italian translators spoke on our trip ended with a vowel, whether it belonged there or not, eh?)

Who doesn't love Gregory Peck? Or Audry Hepburn for that matter.

Here is one of Pecks more popular movies, thanks to co-star little miss Audry Hepburn. It was directed by William Wyler and won 3 Academy Awards. One for best actress, one for best costume design (you’ll never guess who that was! Oh, you guessed, Edith Head of course. Who else?) And one for best writing. Now that is kind of ironic, considering one of the two men who wrote it, was on Hollywood’s blacklist. The writers were Dighton and Trumbo, with Trumbo being the black sheep-er-list. (he was, after all, a member of the communist party).

Gelato by the Trevi Fountain, ah, I remember it well.
Gregory Peck is one of my all time favs and Audry Hepburn is one of Daves so whats not to love in this movie. And lets not forget the irascible Eddie Albert, (before he went farming in green acres).  This story has a rich, bored princess,  a poor, but gentlemanly (surprised him too) reporter, his photographer and lots of Italians. They had some fun and adventures. Got to ride a vespa all over the place! Thankfully, it lacked a Hollywood ending.  

looks like fun

Did you know that the princess was originally supposed to be played by Elizabeth Taylor? And the reporter, Joe Bradley, was going to be Cary Grant! I think it worked out much better this way, and it was Audry’s big break.  This film was released in 1953. Peck did not get to play Atticus Finch until 1962. (My favorite roll of his.)

So go enjoy this one, the whole family even. Okay, except for those kids of yours going through that cool stage where they wouldnt be caught dead watching an old black and white film with their parents. I think its a great date night move too.  Maybe you can find it playing on an outdoor theater somewhere, get all nostelgic and romantic and run off to elope in Rome, eh?


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