Meet Jessica, winner of #2 movie quote

Last weeks movie quote winner, from “Ever After”, was none other than my daughter, Jessica. She read the quote early wed. morning of last week and right away email me back with “oh-oh- I know that one! Cinderella, wait, Drew Barrymore, oh- Ever After!!” and she was right, so here is her post.


Here is a pic of Jess leaping and bounding through an apple orchard up in Santa Barbara Countys wine country, in Santa Inez. She and a gal-pal stayed at the Fess Parker winery over a 3 day weekend, having massages, tasting wine and generally living the high life. So busy is she, in fact, that I had to write this blog post for her. All she had time to do was send the photo. But then, all work and no play would make Jess a dull wife. Thanks, Jake, for encouraging her to take the time off and have some fun.

So congratulations Jess, for being an Ever After fan and guessing the quote!


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