Movie Quote #4

“Read me a story,  I want a cookie, I need to pottie! Me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, now…now…now…” 

okay, its a family movie. Get ready, set, go!

Winner gets to send in a pic and story on something fun they did this summer and it will get posted here!

Thanks Cassie, you guessed right! It was Hook from the movie Hook, speaking to Peter Pans kids (“Peter Pans gots kids?”), trying to get them to love him instead. We sure use that quote around here alot. At least hubby and I do.

Send me a photo or 2 and a story about something going on with you this summer.

congratulations deary!


2 thoughts on “Movie Quote #4

    1. You’re up and attem this morning girl! You win the prize, 1st place! Woo-hoo!!!
      Okay, now just send me a pic and story about something you did this summer. And I know you have been busy since and including your graduation from CSF. Thanks for participating sweetie.

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