Aack! Meatless Friday—


Now I am not very trendy. This is nothing new to those that know me. I’ve been old fashioned since I was born. When I was about 13 my favorite thing to do, besides re-reading ‘Little House on the Prairie’,  was put on a long prarie dress I had, tie a bonnet to my head and take flowers to a nearby cemetary with a girl friend of mine. We would make up stories about the names on the headstones. Wild stuff huh?

Meatless Mondays
It is very trendy nowadays to eat meatless, to be vegetarian, to be vegan even. It is a sign of fortitude, standing in the face of us omnivores, to take a stand against eating “anything with a face”. It shows enlightenment.  To face the onslaught of carnivorous fast food ads, to a point where now every  restaurant offer meatless options, some not even even giving you a choice.  (you know who you are).

Then there are people like, oh, who was it, Paul McCartney maybe, who tried to encourage trendy people to set one day a week aside, to have “meatless mondays” for better  health and to help “save” our planet. (or at least a steer).

Well, news flash. Catholics have been doing this for years. And years. Only recently giving it up as a requirement for the club and making it a “suggestions”. Does anyone say ‘thank you’ to the catholics for all those cows they spared? I bet its the loss of meatless Fridays that is causing global warming!! Okay, maybe not. As tradition goes, one sacrificed eating meat each Friday as a small sacrifice for God, as a way of disciplining ones spirit and showing ones body who is boss. Now we do it to ‘be green’. A sacrifice for the planet. Hmmm.

Having become catholic after 20 odd years of meatfull and guilt-free protestanism, I now have the weekly challenge of coming up with meatless meals every friday.   I know, I know, modern catholics don’t need to have meatless fridays anymore. But as more old fashioned, traditional catholics, we still try to maintain meatless fridays traditions. Besides, what if I want to save the planet? Or a cow? I need to come up with something besides cereal or pancake night. (A friend of mine called it ‘Brinner’) That gets old real fast. This would be easy if it was just for me. But I am stumped when it comes to feeding the whole family.

In theory since I would like to only buy grass fed meat, and since it is more expensive I would be buying less and  we would be eating less of it. Quality, not quantity. Of course, this often falls into the just theory category, depending on who is doing the shopping. But we try.

Which brings me back to meatless meals. This is not something that comes easy to me. When I first learned to cook, well, not even learned really. But I would fry up pork chops, thin ones and make them real crispy. Serve them up with applesauce and ta-da!  Dinner. Thats it.  No side dish, no bread. Dinner is pork chops, period. Maybe a napkin. The rest of the week we eat out. Veggies? Ptffff. See that applesauce? What more do you want?

Anyway, it is friday today and as usual, I have no plan. I have been bouncing ideas around for a couple hours. I looked through a notebook of recipes. That helped. Now as I am writing, I am jumping up to saute the onions for soup. Then putting together a salad and some grilled cheese sandwiches, ones with cheddar on the inside and parmesan on the outside. ummm. But every week its the same old dilemma. What to do, what to do? I rarely have a plan. So now, here, I am trying to come up with one.

 I will list my meatless menu ideas here. Then, when I get stuck, I will look back  here for suggestions. Thats the plan. I will make a meatless meals category. What, you expected something big and exciting? Thats the plan! I am willing to listen to better ones. 

 I will start a new post to list meatless dinner plans as I find them. It has to be something we will all eat. If it was just me, it would be tuna and noodles every friday night. No worries. But this is for all of us.

Feel free to offer suggestions.

  1. Tuna and Noodles (duh)
  2. Fish tacos
  3. egg and vegy scramble
  4. other breakfast type foods
  5. Jumbo baked potatoes, salad, garlic bread
  6. Tomato soup, sandwiches
  7. pizza, like shrimp scampi or vegy
  8. baked halibut, rice, rolls, spinich
  9. Shrimp scampi
  10. Pasta with marinara
  11. humm
  12. all time favorite-eat out!
  13. *veggie/rice teriyoki
  14. *veggie/cheese/bean quesadilla
  15. *lemon/tuna melt
  16. *Portabello sliders. (wouldn’t they need bacon though?)

* credit goes to my sweetie-daughter, who never liked cooking much at home and now is unstoppable in the kitchen!


10 thoughts on “Aack! Meatless Friday—

  1. Good post mom! Please excuse any spelling errors, I’m writing this from my phone. Some of my standbys are:
    Grilled cheese and tomato soup (we get the soup from traders joes, mmmmmm so good! I can’t make anything simple so sometimes I’ll put avocado or sauteed mushrooms or tomatoes in the sandwiches, and I play around with different combos of cheeses-most recent being pepper jack and chedder)
    Pasta (this is a freebie! You can stick with good old tomato sauce, or add almost any kind of veggies)
    Veggies over rice (this is so easy! Sautee up as many veggies as you want-I’ll throw some frozen standbys like corn and peas and then add whatever I got at the farmers market this week-zuchini, mushrooms, brocolli, asparagus, etc, ladle over brown rice and add some soy or terriaki sauce and voila!)
    Mushroom sliders (the marina farmers market sells beautiful huge portabellas. I can’t remember exactly what I do-will have to make it for you some time- but I think I brush with olive oil, salt and pepper it, sprinkle mozzerella over the bottoms-which are facing up-and grill. Add whatever burger toppings you like, and then I make a spread by mixing a little mayo with aoili mustard and chopped up sundried tomatoes)

  2. Hmm, I don’t know why it submitted my post already. Was going to add:
    There’s a couple Mexican dishes I make using a zuchini/mushroom mixture instead of meat. I chop them up small, sautee them with onions, salt, pepper, garlic and some chili powder, and then put them in tacos, quesadillas, burritos, etc with rice and beans.
    Hope this helped you! Kisses!

  3. Aha! Since apparently fish is meatless, I’ve thought of another one. A new favorite of mine is lemony tuna melts. You take your (sustainably troll caught) canned tuna, drain, and add to a mixing bowl. Salt and pepper the tuna and then add some mayo, a spoonful of relish, and a spoonful of CAPERS (the secret weapon, I mean, ingredient). I always eyeball these ingredients, you can add more or less depending on your preference. Squeeze half a lemon over the whole thing, and stir together. Now get out your bread and add your spread of choice to one side, and a little butter to the other side. Dump a big heap of the mixture onto a slice of bread, sprinkle with lots of shredded cheese (cheddar or provolone seem to work the best), top with another slice of bread (unless you want it open faced, in which case you would follow up by sliding the thing under your broiler) and then cook with your panini maker, grill, toaster oven, or pan of choice. You just want the cheese to get melty and the bread toasted before you take out and consume. Mmmm, this is sounding so good to me, I think I will have to go make some right now for brunch!
    By the way, my dear mother gifted me with a tiny George Foreman grill I use for these melts, and while I promise I’m not a spokeswoman for George Foreman, I have to say, it is by far my favorite thing is my kitchen (right above the coffee maker and the laundry machine). I use it almost EVERY DAY for just about everything. It’s easy to clean up, cooks everything easily, quickly, and evenly, and is perfect for a petite kitchen. Thank you mom!

  4. Meatless Fridays are always a fun challenge. For Christ Who gave up His Flesh on Good Friday, we honour each Friday with this “giving up of flesh”.
    I have recipes everywhere that I use (and greatly modify to suit my taste and my on-hand ingredients). Four of my basics include:
    1. Vegetarian lasagna
    2. Meatless Chilli
    3. Shrimp Scampi with brown rice
    4. Baked wild-caught (no frankenfish for me!)Salmon with asparagus & lemon
    I have lots of others that I come up with for my scrapbooking workshops. I am even thinking about putting together a little cookbook just for fun. If I ever do it, I will post a link!

  5. I think, you’ve overlooked all things pasta. A nice pasta with marinara sauce is tasty, with some garlic bread on the side. Potage Parmentier (potato-leek soup, made with veggie broth) with a good crusty bread (perhaps one baked in a Dutch oven?) is always good.

    But if you make your French onion soup the way I do, you use beef broth and chicken broth, both of which are on the no-fly list.

    So there, greg giveth, and greg taketh away.

  6. Heres a suggestion for meatless friday:
    Popcorn bread that you used before! That with maybe some meatless Soup of some kind. By the way, thanks for letting me in all those times!

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