Box Oven Baking

You take a box.

You wrap it in foil.

You get a few things like 4 soda cans and a small rack that fits in the box.

You light some briquet’s and wait for them to get white hot.

Then VOILA! You, more or less, have a box oven and can bake just about anything on your next camp-out or scout meeting.

We made these, for example

It was fun, in a roughing it kind of way. I had my helper, Janet.

Janet-cutie checking for more white coals to add to the box.

I brought cookie dough that I had already made and formed into little balls, which I then froze. They were plenty thawed in the ice chest by the time I needed them. When all was ready, I put 4 soda cans that I had 1/2 filled with water to keep from tipping, on the ground with a rack on them. Then I placed 12 hot coals around them.The cookies were placed on a small cookie sheet I brought camping and placed on the rack.

Ready to go.

Put the box over all, with a rock at one end to let a little air in. (or the coals will go out, like a you would without oxygen.) Give it a little more time than your regular oven, but you can bake just about anything. We have made mini pizzas, with english muffins, pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella. Then take just a few minutes for a great snack. You could bake chicken, casseroles, desserts. Just add more hot coals after about 45 minutes. You dont need to take out the old ones, just add to them.

To really make a box, you would use a heavy duty box such as one for wines or produce. Or double box it. Wrap it in heavy duty foil, completely covering all the cardboard. Use duct tape to secure, but ****only tape on the outside of the box*** Did you get that? You don’t want to be baking your tape.  Use 4 empty cans to put your cookie sheet or rack on, to be above the coals, but still inside the box. I put everything inside the box when it is time to travel to the campsite. You can use it at home even for a novelty or when you dont want to heat up the kitchen for some home baked cookies.

Where where we, I hear you ask? The desert, yes, with praying mantis, monster ants, bats and all. But no mosquitos at least. We were at Calico Ghost town camp ground. We had a great time, in spite of the heat. Here are some photos.

We were kind of alone out there.

And at night, talk about stars! I felt like I was out in space itself there were so many stars, with the milky way leaving its white streak across the dark sky. We saw meteors and satalites. We had campfires of course.

...and then the bloody hand reached out of the grave...

Of course, lets not forget about our little buddies:

very pretty wings, whatever it is. Plus it didnt bite me.


Look how the sun caught him and made him/her luminescent

and of course…

the 2 legged, troop 270 buddies

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