in Memory of Aprons

My 13 year old son was watching me the other day as I was in the kitchen putting on my apron to do the dishes.

“You look beautiful with your apron on” he says. He went on to say something to the effect that it makes him feel good when he sees me with it on. I was so surprised by the first comment that I almost didn’t register that next one.

It got me to thinking. After the shock that is. Funny how the age of 13 can both drive you nuts and endear you with unexpected sentiment. The apron is a symble of motherhood, apple pie and all that I guess. Once I put it on to do dishes or cook, I usually forget to take it off again unless I am going out. You might find me out in the yard clipping herbs from the garden in an apron, sitting down to the table to eat in one. Seeing mom wear an apron is like comfort food for the eyes.

Jess modeling the french apron I made for her. Yes mom, it needs ironing.

I never see aunty in the kitchen without one, and I do definitely remember grandma wearing one. The kind that covers all of you,  practically get rigged up in it like a boat with its sails. You better hope it never catches fire, I don’t think you could get out of it fast enough. It had nice big pockets and was light enough to wipe dirty faces with, but heavy enough to grab a hot pot using them like potholders.I started using them only 15 years back or so. I don’t know who inspired me, but it was one of those “ah-ha” moments. It keeps my clothes clean, has handy pockets and give me another way to accessorize! Where has it been all my life? Now, years later, I have a small collection. A chicken one from my aunt in Alabama,  three leaf clover one from a friend visiting Ireland, an alfa romeo one from Italy and so on. Those are not the ones I usually wear. They are not the workhorses of the kitchen. The green denim one from Pikes Market in Seattle is good for serious cooking and cleaning, as is my sturdy black one, a quilted floral one, a blue denim Pampered Chef one and so on… I have sewn cutsie ones for gifts but would like to tackle making a serious work apron some day. I sure wish I had one of my grandmas old ones, but there you go.Little half apron I made with vintage fabrics, made to earn my aprons badge from the Farmgirl Sisterhood.

Anyway, it got me to thinking. How about all of you? Does anyone out there wear an apron to work around the house? Or have a vintage one hanging around? Maybe one stuffed in a closet that was a gift? Would it be too much trouble to have you snap a photo of it, download it and send it to me with a little story about it?

Before transformation

Here is one that made the transformation from jumper to apron. It really was an apron at heart,  it just needed a little work and some love.  Aunty bought it for me at the harvest festival a few (quite a few) years back. I loved the chicken and farmhouse fabric (and it’s green). But it wasn’t until I put it on that I realized that I don’t like wearing jumpers! They just don’t look right on me. 10 years or so later, it comes out of the dark recesses of the closet to be remade into an actually useful object

its shorter now
open in the back with ties moved and rick-rack
Good Old Betty Boop. Still the only one slow enough for me to catch!

One thought on “in Memory of Aprons

  1. Of course that apron could only be modeled with a chicken in hand. Glad to see your new posts! Paul is sweetheart; don’t know where he got it… 😉

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