Daves Movie Pick:

Guess what movie won best picture in 1942 along with 5 other Academy Awards such as Best Actress for Greer Garson and Best Director for William Wyler?

 Can’t guess?

 Have you ever heard of Mrs. Miniver? 

Its a wonderful movie I saw years ago and never forgot. It will touch you and can never really be dismissed. It was on the tele again last night but since I missed most of it, I got out my DVD copy today.

In the movie the gracefull, utterly feminine Greer Garson plays   the wife and mother of the Miniver family, living comfortably just outside of London. (might I say, very comfortably, with a private dock on the Thames and 2 servants.)  It shows her always with a smile and kind word, a hat fetish and a rose named after her.

When the movie starts, world war II was at its peak. Both in the movie and in real life. London and outlying airstrips were being bombed. The Minivers had a bomb shelter nearby and in one scene it showed them sitting inside, Mrs. Miniver knitting, father smoking his pipe, the children sleeping.

The movie draws you in to a beautiful world of kindness,  civility (like only the Brits can do) and beauty. It displays the courage, adaptability and strength of the people in its time. But I warn you. Get out the big girl/big boy tissues. It has an unexpected ending. Then at the very end there is a speech by the village vicar, a speech made famous in its time and refered to by President Roosevelt as well as having pamphlets of it made and dropped over enemy territory. I will not quote it and no peeking online. Rent the movie. See and hear it for yourself.


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