From Uglet to Chicky-Doodles

Ahh, she is a woman now. Remember Uglet, the little featherless chick someone gave us in an In-and-Out bag this past summer? Her only feathers were on her wings and she had these spiky things coming out of her neck that looked like they might some day be feathers. Well she has grown into a chunky banty, all black with glints of green in the sun. Here is it, almost winter and I have not seen hide nor hair of an egg from the regular biddies in over a month. Low and behold:

Are you sure its a chicken?
A few months after we got her, she looks a little less feakish.
No longer an uglet, she is a full figured Chicky-doodles

She cannot sleep with the other hens since she is only a banty and they are full sized battle ships. Or better yet, dinosaurs.  So she sleeps in a pet carrier set on the outdoor sideboard. I put straw in it to keep warm and put an old beach towel over it. She seems happy enough. 

3 days ago Paul found this surprise. And boy, where we surprised!
Now we have 2 pale pink eggs with an extra large store bought egg next to it for comparison.

Well this is a nice early Christmas gift. Thank you Chicky-Doodles, we won’t make fun of you any more. Well, not much anyway.


4 thoughts on “From Uglet to Chicky-Doodles

    1. It’s the city slicker in you showing. I mean, the eggs are little gems of healthy goodness, with deep orange yolks from all the chlorophyl she gets. I will get some eggs to you this spring.

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