The good ol' days…

This is my all time favorite baby pic with me in it. Must be the hat. No, its the big smile.
Phil was not always the best dressed little gentleman he is now. And is that a twitch in his eye? Jess has that look that says "dont even think of dropping this".
Family gathering in Minnisota with Daves Grandpa and Grandma Mericle, his brother Micheal, Aunt Janet and me holding baby Jessica.

This is a trip we took to Minnesota just after a trip to some Utah national parks. Phil was a bun in the oven. Jess had issues with gravity, falling on our first day there, landing on the fireplace with her face and getting several stitches. Two days later she fell down their stairs leading to the garage, just bouncing down them with me horrified at the bottom, running up to grab her. Ah, the memories.

Christmas season at grandmas. Can't you just eat that chubby little face up?
We went to visit the cousins in 1997.

One thought on “The good ol' days…

  1. Lovin the old pics! I remember the kidlets in a few of them. Good ole days to be sure!
    Merry Christmas! Let’s plan to see each other more in 2011! Happy New Year!

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