Happy New Years!

First, may I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year. May it have just the right amount of reverence, silliness, lots of compassion and moments of awe.

Yesterday my family and some friends and about 10,000 other southern Californians decided to go to the Griffith Observatory. We had never been. All these years living here and we’ve never been at all. It was going to be sunny and clearwith the sky’s scrubbed clean by recent rains. Oh, did I mention cold? Yes, colder than I have been in ages. If I was wading in knee deep snow I couldn’t have been colder.

But the view was spectacular.

And the hike from where we had to park 1/4 mile away was invigerating.

 We stopped at a picnic table just outside the Observatory for a little ‘nosh’. (Sandwiches, wine, crackers, cheese, fruit etc.)  Then in we went, where it was a little warmer with lots of thoughts about sun and stars. Then we risked the wind chill factor again to go out on the veranda for that spectacular view I told you about.

 While I was up there on the hill, looking across all of  Los Angeles, across the ocean to St. Nicholas island with a clear view to the horizen, I thought about new years resolutions. I don’t usually have much to do with them. But I liked the ones I came up with this year. I think they are manageable, because they are not measurable.  Shall I share them with you? Okay, if you insist. Or you can just skip the rest of this post. I wont be affended.

The first one is to live more in the moment. I spend too much time either day dreaming or thinking about the next place I need to be, or next job I need to do. Oh, I pay attention some of the time of course, but not often enough. I realize that I am missing the beautyof the little things around me by hurrying past them, ignoring them.  Very often, throught the years, we would go on a trip and I would spend much of the time thinking about how it could have been better if I had just… or we had…Instead of just enjoying the time we had together just as it was.  Okay, so live in the moment. Good.

Another, a biggy has to do with the word “no”. I hate that word. It controls me too much. Especially my mouth. When someone askes me a questions requiring a yes or no answer, “no” always jump to my lips first. Without even thinking about it. Usually I change my mind anyway. For example the other day hubby dear, just as he was waking up, asked if I could make him some hot 7 grain cereal . I was on my way out the door and said “no, I dont have time.” Then I thought about it and said, “If you can wait till I get home I can make it then”. ( I’m the only one who makes hot cereal around here. Its a gift, what can I say.) I could have just said the “if you can wait” part first and left out the “no” part. When you start with no, you start with negativity. (Unless we are talking about  something where you want to hear a ‘no’, like  ‘did you get into an accident?’ or ‘was the fire your fault?’ Only then it would be a postitive). I am tired of answering “No, unless” and “No, but”.

Zip it Linda! Think first. Keep “no” locked away in a little cage, only to be let out when absolutly necessary.

Cease starting off with a “no” Start with a “hmm” or a “let me think first”.

Did you see the movie “Yes man” with Jim Carey?  Several scenes just so happened to be filmed at the same observatory we went to. Even at the same table we ate at!  It was a very funny movie with a good message. While this movies message was an extreme example of the no/yes conflict within us, it did make a good point about the results of living or wallowing even, in negativity and fear.  It shows how saying yes is taking a step toward the positive and how it can be life changing. (although I still have no intention of going bungi jumping!)

The last thing is easier. Surround myself with beauty, with things that make me smile or lift my heart.

I have already started on it. I am pinning pictures of quilts I like around my computer. For Christmas I received a most beautiful butter dish. It is a work of art, more than a dish.  I smile whenever I see it, so it is in the china cabinet peeking out of the glass so I can see it every day. Here, I will get a picture for you.

I just love this butter dish! Thank you Phillip. He was with us at Anthropologie when we found this and I made such a fuss over it.

I am also going to plant more flowers. Sweet peas to start. They are my favorites. My Aunts too, so just seeing them makes me think of her. Also some snapdragons. Nice tall ones.

So, Happy New Years to all! May your resolutions, if you have them, be pleasent and fullfilling. And lets get together soon.


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