Bread, bread, glorious bread!

It makes me think of “My Fair Lady” when her dad was weaving his way through the back streets of London enjoying whatever beer he could pinch off someone else. “Beer, beer, glorious beer”. And bread is so close to beer, a close cousin you might say. Both using yeast, both fermenting.

Home made bread may not always be the most photogenic, but it is wonderful to smell, touch, bite into and savor.

Its a pity bread gets such a bad rap these days.

Just because too many carbs can pack on the pounds. Tsk-tsk-tsk.

Its like magic. Flour, water, yeast, salt, maybe some butter. (umm, butter..)

And raisins…Everything in moderation, oui?

So many variations…

Soft and gooey, crisp and tender, a thick warm slice topped with a swirl of butter that you can sink your teeth into.

and one of my favorites…

Now how did they get in here?


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