Its Strawberry Season!

Everyone else might be buried in snow, but here we are drooling longingly over baskets of ripe, local strawberries. With luck, organic ones at the farmers markets. They are usually small to start with at the beginning of the season, but then grow large and delectable as the days go by.

I think of 2 things. Strawberry rhubarb pie, which I only just discovered last year, and strawberry shortcake. Oh man!

So, you ask, how can I have strawberry shortcake too? Well, first you have to live in California. (Yes, I just saw pictures from my brother in Washington and he is still knee-deep in snow.)  So, lets say you live here, somewhere and you trot off to the farmers market to get some fresh, local and organic strawberries. After you get over the sticker shock, you take them home, clean them, cut out the stem and greenery and slice them in half or fourths, depending on their size. You put them in a big bowl, sprinkle some sugar on them, about 3 Tbsp per basket of berries (or more if you want). I mash some up with a potato masher, just a little to give the juices a head start, then gently mix them up and set aside in the fridge. Now you wait. The sugar will pull out the juices and make it wonderful to spoon over your cake-of-choice.

So what is your cake of choice? With me there are really only 2 options. Scones or pound cake. I make a plain buttermilk or cream scone, depending on what is in the fridge. When they are cooled, you split them in half, lay both halves on the plate and spoon strawberry goodness over it. I don’t even bother with whipped cream. Or you can top it with the other half of scone, add more strawberries and voila!

Then there is pound cake. Make a vanilla bean or cream cheese or citrus pound cake, slice off a chunk and smother with strawberries and juice. Creamy, sweet pound cake, cool juicy strawberries. Oh…my.. (thud)

So sorry, I just picked myself up off the floor. I lost control there for a minute. Can’t wait till sunday to get to the farmers market around here. Strawberries here I come!

Well, I suppose since it is that time of year, I better offer up pound cakes on my website for . But I have to mess with portions first. How much does this recipe make vs. that one and how big should I make them anyway? An 8″ loaf size? A 9″? Or maybe a bundt cake size? (Way too big). Oh, darn, I better crank up the oven and get baking. What do you mean we are out of butter???? Okay, to the store then crank up the oven. Oh, and riffle through the hen-house for fresh eggs.

Later on this year we will go back to making Strawberry Cream trifles. Oh, whipped cream, pound cake, cheesecake pudding, almonds, strawberries with yogurt… (thud)


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