There are hugs and then there are HUGS

“Do you need a hug?”

“I think someone needs a hug.”

Here abouts where I live, hugging comes in many levels and dimensions. For example, you have the kind of hug where you gently bring the arms around the hug-ie, (not to be confused with the diaper) barely touching the back, maybe bringing ones cheek to lightly brush the others. This could be the “any friend of my friend…” hug. Or the “Its you again, great” hug.  There is the “my hands are a mess or I would give you a real hug” hug, where you get close, brush cheeks but the arms stay floating suspended in the air. The hug-ie with the clean hands may give more of a hug back.

There is also the “virtual hug” my son perfected when he was sick. We do not want to share germs so we extend out arms, reach around, while still standing several feet apart and say “Virtual hug!” which sometimes includes virtual kisses goodnight. (Don’t forget the smootchy-kissy noises!)

And lets not forget the light kiss that lands in the air somewhere near the hug-ies ear. This air kiss demonstrates that you are more than just an acquaintance but not inside the family circle  just yet.

Another kind of hug is the “oh, have I missed you!” hug. It similar to the “Its been way too long” and the “I don’t know how long it’s going to be till I get to do this again” hugs. My son-in-law just got one of those yesterday when he dropped by. It involves swooping in, both arm wrapping securely, but not too tight, cheek to cheek with a solid kiss on said cheek after a moment. But then one last squeeze before releasing. It’s a solid “I’m here for you” “I love you”  and possibly “I’m so sorry”. But it can be a little scary if you are not used to it. The swooping and all.

I try not to hug too indiscriminately.

But sometimes a hug is worth a thousand words. And better than any words one can give.


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