God Help Japan

I wish I could reach out to the survivors and hug them all.

I want them to know that our hearts are going out to them.

That we are watching and sharing in these moments of terror, sorrow and triumph.

I, who rarely watch TV am riveted, unable to look away. I gasp at the destruction, pray for those lost, cry with those united again.

I know I am only one woman, very far away from the drama of it all. But I am one of thousands, maybe millions, watching and praying and hoping and crying with you. You are not alone.

I too am in an earthquake prone area, in California. When I see you, I know that it could be us. That could be my mother missing. That could be my children or my husband swept out to sea. Or reunited to me after many painful, questioning hours.

I am sitting next to you amid the destruction, putting my arm around your shoulders, even if only in spirit.  I wish I could search through the rubble with you looking for some of the pieces of your life. I want to bring you food and water. And comfort.

Actually, I just want to bring you all home.


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