“Speed limit enforced by Aircraft”

“Lucy, I’m home!!!”

That, my friends, was one long drive.

It is a beautiful morning now. I came home last night from a quick trip up to San Francisco to deliver my daughters cat, Belle. I wonder how many of you have had the incomparable experience of having a kitty companion on a long 7 hour trip. First, I was forwarned that she did not like car travel. Quite frankly, in all my cat experience I have never met one that did, so this did not surprise me. So, I went to the pet store and picked up a tube of sticky gooey stuff that comes out like toothpaste. You smear it onto the paw and they will lick it off, ingesting the stuff that is supposed to make them drowsie. Well, I had a hard time getting it on her paw in the first place. I did try to put some in the canned food I gave her a while before we left. I figured it would be a snap to do while we were on the road. She started in right away. Meow-meow-meow-meow…

I turned up the music. “Whats that Belle? Can’t quite hear you?”

Later, when I realized that I was approaching Bakersfield, and Bakersfield was not off the 5 freeway, which is where I thought I was, I decided to pull over and give her some goo.

I flipped open the cap and squeezed some stuff out into a ball. I had to unlatch part of the cage to slip the tube inside close enough to her paw. Ack! She is pushing with her head to get out at the same time. Cripes! the cap just snapped shut and goo smeared all over the lid. Sheesh what a mess. I give up. Meow away. I had more important things to do, like I needed to check my phones GPS. After cleaning up my hand and the tube and latching the cage securely, I sat playing with my phone to see just how far off the path I had traveled.


I was where??? China??? You’ve got to be kidding me!

There it was, I kid  you not. My phones google-map showed some asian country with writing of the towns in english and then in their writing. It showed an ocean to the south-east of me (the desert) and an island where the Grapevine was. I reloaded. Yep, I was still in China. I finally tossed it aside as a lost cause and feeling a little like I was in the twilight zone, headed down a promising street that had the word “highway” in it. Sure enough, several miles later, there was the 5 again. I looked up my map thingy again. I was back in the good ol’ US of A.

I am not sure how I missed that split in the road. It’s never happened before and all I can imagine is that I had lots of trucks around me and missed some signs or other.  I just followed the trucks. I don’t recommend you do that though. Unless you want to make a trip to China. I wish I had stopped to pick up souvenirs for the kids.

Then there is my favorite street sign. “Speed limit enforced by Aircraft”


Can you picture this? You are speeding along. No, not you, mr/ms law-abiding driver. Some maniac is driving down this long flat boring freeway going maybe 90 mph. (He’d be flying past me in my pokey prius).

Suddenly an airplane swoops down from out of nowhere and does touch and goes on this drivers roof to get his attention. You hear a voice from the sky.

“Pull over!”

The driver, after pooping in his pants and thinking its “come to Jesus time” pulls over. The plane swoops back around.

“Show me your driver’s license and proof of insurance. Hold it up so I can see it.” He flies by again using binoculars to read them.

He swoops back around. A big rock with a ticket tied to it comes dropping out of the sky, narrowly missing the car. “Thank you and have a nice day”

Or maybe they just shoot a rubber tipped dart down at the hood of your speeding car with a ticket attached.

Really? Enforced by aircraft? That has to be one of my favorite signs.

Eventually I came around a turn and there was San Francisco, the bay, the bridge and everything. Exciting! I went over 2 bridges to get into the city, carefully clutching my crumpled hand written directions in one sweaty hand. Belles meows had not stopped in the whole 7 hours. I would have sworn she would have gone to sleep. But they were getting weaker. Now I was more concerned that she might have a kitty coronary just before I delivered her. “Hang in there Belle”

But I found my daughter and didn’t get lost, in spite of the fact that there are no left turns in all of the city,  delivered the cat and had a nice stay.

As soon as I download my photos I will put in a post about San Fran and all the wonderful bakeries I visited on this trip. And of course the trip home. And the bee…


One thought on ““Speed limit enforced by Aircraft”

  1. Oh, Linda! I’m laughing out loud at your adventure! (I hope you don’t mind…) An incessantly meowing cat, a GPS that tells you you’re in China, visions of airplane cops… You couldn’t *invent* a better trip–truth is always more fun!

    Glad you’re home, safe and sound…and catless (well, one-cat-less, anyway) and ticketless!


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