Happy Easter-New Years for the Soul

I hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter. Resurrection Day! (Isn’t that the name of a movie?) A Holy Day celebrated by Christians around the world with candles, prayerful celebrations at church, music, incense, the glow of stained glass. Its my favorite holy day. Actually an entire Holy Week, filled with graces.  Before Easter there is…


Not so favorite.

 A season of introspection, self-denial, and a new resolve. A time for you to show yourself who is boss, your will or your need for sugar, smoking, t.v., or whatever you think is something you should have control of.  A time of feeling guilty when you fail. And starting up again. Or make trade offs. Lent isn’t easy. Temptations abound. They usually do, but during lent, we try to be more aware of them and not give in quite so often. At least not without a fight. It’s appalling to find out just how little willpower one has. (not mine of course, just, you know, ones.) It helped this year to have our Fast Food Fridays at church. A night of prayers, then homemade meatless soups and fresh baked breads. If only all meatless meals were as much fun.

Lent lasts 40 days, like the 40 days when Jesus was alone in the desert, fasting and getting ready for the work He had before Him. Oh, and resisting temptations too. Big ones. And I bet He didn’t take sundays off either, like we do. We too, give ourselves 40 days, to gird out loins, spiritually speaking. To resist temptations. But lets face it, Jesus is way better at it. He has the inside tract, as it were.

  Easter, which is the end of Lent,  is the new year of the soul, the celebration of the end of the penitential period and, with the resurrection of Jesus, our Lord, the resurrection of our hope to join Him. Well, some day.

Easter is the light at the end of the Lenten tunnel.

And of course, there are eggs to dye, baskets to hide, candy to devoir. Where did the easter bunny thing come from anyway? Because without that, Easter would still be only a Holy day set aside for Christians, instead of a Hallmark, Sees candy day.

But Lent is over, so can’t I have both?


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