Week one, sluggish start

We, with the best of intentions, went shopping for gluten-free food stuffs. We came home over $200 poorer, but with plenty of food, gluten-free, more or less. Sort of . We got some Arrowhead Mills All  Purpose mix, some rice flour, something called xanthum gum, which sounds like it comes from a xanthum tree but doesn’t. We got tapicoa flour and are still looking for potato starch. We are trying some breads that are GF. Whats up with the names of these breads.  One is called “Udis” and the other is made by “Rudis”. Two GF brands of bread, both from Colorado. Hmm. Someone sounds like a copy-cat. But I don’t know who came first.

 So we are toasting the bread. Not bad. We made Trader Joes GF pancakes. Not bad either. (I add some plain yogurt for richness). We have corn chips with salsa. This isn’t too tough. For burritos we had some kind of fragile GF tortillas, rice I think. Other than breaking, they tasted fine. This looks like its going to be easy!

Yesterday I took some of that baking mix and made an amazing coffee cake. Lemon, blueberry, cinnamon coffee cake. It turned out find, just a little crumbly, but nothing too bad. Of course, lots of people go dairy free too and this was absolutely not dairy free. There were eggs and sour cream, which is why it tasted so good. Oh and did I mention butter? Since we have no serious medical issues to content with, we lap up the dairy, kind of like cats would. (But then take a digestive enzyme just in case). 

So life goes on. But we forget sometimes. Like when we went to Jerrys Dogs and got hot dogs and onion rings. We just looked the other way when they served up the dogs with all their wonderfulness, lots of sloppy and crunchy toppings on a big ol’ bun. Nothing GF about that meal. But we enjoyed it! Every bite of it. I have only been there once before about a year ago. We are not big hot dog fans, but when we have them, we want good ones, of course. And these were good. Fire roasted too. mmm.

My son hates the bread for sandwiches. Toast he can manage, just. But I have tried twice to make him sandwiches with it and no way jose. Hubby doesn’t mind it too much. I eat it toasted and its fine. Especially the raisin cinnamon.

Now I found some KA all-purpose gluten-free mix at Ralphs. Wonderful! So I made some GF chocolate chunk, vanilla chip cookies for a luncheon I just went to. (as well as about 8 dozen other assorted wheat and whole wheat cookies). The GF were the first to go. Not bad really. They came out a  little flat maybe. But that happens to the best of us.

So there we are. Struggling along. I have to say, if there were really a severe medical issue, we would be trying harder and whining less. But at least we are trying it out. I will keep in touch and let you know.


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