Gluten free, not for me…

Well, I guess our hearts, or our stomachs, were just not invested in the idea of a gluten-free menu. There was complaining. There was rejecting. There was cheating. The other members of my family didn’t like it either. We really did not even last  a full week. Yes, we are a sad lot.

But we do not really have any health issues forcing us to give up gluten. We will keep working on my youngest muffins asthma in other ways. (it has been responding well to treatment recently, so that’s good anyway.)

But I still have a cupboard full of rice flours, xantham gum, potato flour, etc. So I can still make gluten-free cookies and cakes for you. Oh, did I mention the lemon-blueberry coffeecake I made, gluten-free? It was not bad at all, yumm! But then there was someone who had to ask,

“Yes, but is it dairy free too?”

I just looked at her. It’s not enough I can’t use flour but now your saying I can’t use dairy either?!? Has the world gone mad? This cake is full of butter and sour cream.  Next thing you know someone will be saying I can’t use sugar either….Oh wait, a diabetic friend already asked about that. But if someone told me I could no longer use wheat flour, any dairy or any sugar, I would not only throw in the towel, but my aprons and the oven too and go back to quilting. Where is the fun?

I do understand that, for whatever reason, many people with gluten allergies also have dairy allergies. I sympathise deeply. I really do. I would have to throw out all my cookbooks and start from scratch learning how to cook all over again. I have a deep respect for the men and women out there that have had to  learn how to feed their families with special allergy issues. No this, no that, make sure everyone still gets their nutritional needs met. God bless em!

There seems to be more and more of it too. Some people think, well, it’s always been like that, it just wasn’t diagnosed. Intuitively that feels wrong. The rise in serious illness’ and food allergies is staggering to me. Young people getting debilitating arthritis, autism in children, children with ADHD and all those other letter related issues, cancers… The list goes on. We can point fingers in all kinds of directions but really, we do not even know what this is all about.

Could it be all the microwave ovens? Plastic wrap? Lipstick? Jet fuel raining down on us and our crops? I could go on and on. There are no definitive answers here.

Okay, now I’m depresses. I need a scone.

In the meantime, if  you want any gluten-free coffee cakes or cookies, and as long as dairy is not a problem, just give me a ring. Maybe I can help.

How about soy free…?


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