Horray for the red, white and blue…

ooohh, aahhhh

We had some groovy fireworks tonight. The whole neighborhood got involved this year. We had legal fireworks all up and down the block. Illegal ones behind some nearby houses. We could barely keep up. (the dog hated it though. Ran into the house and buried his head into the couch.) We lit sparklers,  covered ourselves in bug repellant and hoped it wasn’t flammable. This was after a large spread of food with family and friends.

I found the channel on tv that plays seasonal music. So we had John Philip Sousa and Jimmy Cagney and all kinds of patriotic music. I even remembered to put up the flag out front.

Our neighbors, Mitch and Diane,  Daves sister and her husband, whom we rarely see. A Father, my mom, a couple more friends. There was ribs, (beef and pork with lots of sauce)  bratwurst with sauerkraut, beans, brocoli slaw, grape salad, vegy shish-ka-bobs. Before this there was Caprice salad, chips with dip, pico de gallo from the garden. After all this was cheesecake, cobbler and a crisp. Plenty of food. Music, talking, holding chickens, finding eggs. Now I would like to see dishwashing, laundry doing, trash collecting. But instead I see people saying good-bye, others scuttling into their rooms, a certain someone snoring in his recliner. I think its time for bed. I have jury duty tomorrow. It will be a nice rest after today.

Notice water buckets nearby for safety. Paul was our fire marshall


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