Jamming, part 2

Peach jam and grape jelly

Just wanted you to know that canning is in full swing these days. We made only 3 batches of jam at the church “Jam-a-gedden” last saturday. It was mostly older women and a couple young ladies and quite frankly, we pooped out. We made a low sugar strawberry jam, low sugar multi-berry with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherry juice, and regular very- berry jam, also with strawberries, and such. Seems like I am forgetting a berry somewhere. Anyway, I still have a fridge and freezer full of  juice from the grapes that needs jelling, peaches and raspberries, more grapes and blackberries and even tomatoes. I think I will be canning all summer so I should be getting good at it.

Oh, and apples were on sale at sprouts, so it looks like I may be making applesauce to can. Probably just for us. Unless I can think of something fun for the boutique. Just plain applesauce would not be a christmas gift idea.  I am looking forward to making some spiced cranberry something or other when they come in season.

But I must take a break for the International Quilt exhibit in Long Beach next week (of course).I am pretty much done with Paul’s boy scout 100 ann. quilt and am getting it quilted by long arm soon. I will show you a picture when it’s all done. The quilts at the exhibit last time I went were amazing and artistic. Very few if any traditional pieced quilts.

It has been getting warmer here, so I ‘jam’ early in the day. Yes, I know I have no right to really complain about the heat when I see what the rest of the country is suffering. Our days have been beautiful, low 80’s with 50% humidity. (Called up Aunty in Alabama yesterday. 97 degrees with 95% humidity! Sheesh!)  Still, I was canning yesterday with 3 burners going and a big canning pot full of water simmering and sweat was trickling down my face, back, front, really anywhere sweat likes to trickle, it would. But aren’t the jars of jam beautiful?

And the flowers from the garden too.

Look at the glow coming from inside this simple morning-glory

Paul picked these out to plant. Like flames in the garden.

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