Bistro French Toast

Finally I got the chance to use a baguette for la French Toast! I had a dish similar to this in San Fransisco.

french toast made with slices of baguette and pears

 It was amazing! Even more amazing than mine here, although I was pretty amazed here too.

I sliced the baguette the long way into long thin slices, throwing away the 2 most crusty sides  (or feeding them to the dog). I cut it to be about 6 inches long by 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick. (I really didn’t measure).  I made sure they were a little stale too, but not too hard, not brick like.

Setting them aside I then took an asian pear, peeled it and cut it into thin slices. Putting a large pat of butter in a skillet and heating it up, I sauteed the pears with a little sugar. I sautéed them low and slow.

Meanwhile, in a pasta bowl, I broke and whisked 3 eggs, some half n half (although milk would work too) some cinnamon, nutmeg and a bit of vanilla. Lets get another pan ready. Spray it, put some oil and a little butter in it and start heating.

Dipped the first piece of bread in, thought,’oh, I can fit 2 in there” and did. Soaked them good, turned them over and did the same. I love the TSSSSSSSSSST sound it makes when it hits the  hot skillet.

When browned on both sides, put them on a warm plate, spoon some pears with its little sauce over it, drizzled some maple syrup and voila! Delicious.

I have to say I did later add some chopped toasted walnuts.  The crunch it adds is dreamy. The powdered sugar was for looks. I think it is sweet enough without.

My next french toast quest is to find out how the Starling Diner makes their fabulous french toast with an unsliced chunk of baguette stuffed with mascarpone cheese. I want!

oops, did I forget to mention bacon?
Here is the original from San Fran. Dont know what kind of sauce it was they poured on, but it was delightful.

One thought on “Bistro French Toast

  1. Here you have been blogging and I have been missing it! Sounds like summer is treating you well. We need to get together. Call me when you have a minute. School starts in just 2 weeks, Argh

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