Lift your glasses and say good-bye…again. (clink!)

Here it is the end of a beautiful day. It started with rain, thunder and lightning and frightened baby chicks. It ended with a pink sunset and cool evening breezes. It was a day for another going away party with friends, music,  and a strawberry trifle. Lets start with the beginning.

It was 4 am. I heard the thunder and lightning. I love that sound, we get it so infrequently here in so cal. Usually what we hear is the Disneyland fireworks and we can pretend. But tonight it was real weather, just like we hear about on the weather channel. Then, over the fan, I heard what sounded like rain. Now I could pretend I didn’t hear it and go back to sleep. That sounds nice. Snuggle deeper. But its summer and we are not prepared for rain. What about the baby chicks? They might think the sky is falling. Big sigh. The boys aren’t home, they are spending the night with friends. Sheesh.

So I get up, find my glasses and stumble out to the back door. Yep, rain. Pretty steady too. I should not be surprised. Paul and I did see change of weather  clouds the day before. I just didn’t believe them. After all, its barely September!

I pulled a little blanket over my head, the kind made of 2 fleece blankets tied together all around the edges,  put on some sandals and head out with a flashlight. Sure enough those dump chicklets had found their way out of their thrown-together outdoor cage and were frantically peeping. “Mommy!?  Where is mommy? Help!” Well, I may not be mommy to them, but they weren’t too particular tonight. I opened up their cage . Now the one chicklet that is usually skittish and hard to catch just zoomed right on in and found a dry spot. I had to catch the other one and shove her in too. (I can never remember their names. I think it is like Svetlana and Gretel or something like that.) Then I found a plastic table-cloth to throw over part of it, making sure they had plenty of ventilation. Everyone else around our little urban farm seemed okay. So I can go back to bed now? Thank you!

The sun came up, as usual, and there were clouds and sunrays and damp coolness. I had the store to myself, shopping for company, family friends, some of phils phriends too.  Got the food started early. Pico de gallo, with tomatoes and peppers from the garden, the usual onion dip with chips, olive swirly wrap  things, apple salad, had paul husk some  corn. Then finally the mac and cheese I have been craving since seeing the Pioneer woman on tv last Saturday. And sliders with Hawaiian rolls, oh baby! And of course, the strawberry trifle, the dessert of choice for the party boy.

Funny thing. I never even thought about the corn again after it was shucked. Found it much later after dinner, sitting on the counter in a bag. Oh well, guess what s with dinner tomorrow night.

Cassie came over, a young lady friend of the family. She brought her little Windster, the corgie you will learn about in another post. Our chicken herder. We are dog sitting her now. Twist our arms.

People came. They brought sticky rice balls with seaweed and Korean beef, chicken cheese ball with crackers. (okay, thanks Linda H. I did put the pressure on her to bring that, cause its my favorite. I could just eat that and skip the rest of dinner. Urp, pardon me!) Oh, did I mention the Johnsonville brats? No?probably because I am the only person on planet earth that doesn’t like bratwurst. But I put out the sauerkraut for it, and the buns. It’s not all about me after all. (or at least I let people think it’s not).

Phil is getting ready to go to Scotland for a study abroad plan. So he is getting in the spirit, as you can see below:

that is a baby chick standing in her hand, in case you were wondering.
We set up the dart board but I think Dave and I were the only takers. Or just about. You should see what Celina learned to do with one of the chicks! She turned it into a squeaky toy. I filmed it, but may not be able to download it.
Why Celina, what a chic hat you have on!
So, dinner done, music playing, people chatting and playing video games inside. Missing daughter. Getting tired.  Shoved feelings of sadness at Phils departure into back of mind. He and friends went out for a while. So now I have time to do this, talk to you.
I hope you had a lovely Labor day. I hope it was a labor of love.

One thought on “Lift your glasses and say good-bye…again. (clink!)

  1. What? Phil’s leaving again?! I guess his wings are getting a lot of exercise these days, but he’ll put roots down some day, right?

    Got any ideas for a Scottish-themed quilt yet…? = )

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