Guardian Angel saves my bacon

I recently read a quote from St. John Vianney, the Cure D’Ars

“The Devil writes down our sins-our Guardian Angel all our merits. Labour that the Guardian Angel’s book may be full and the Devil’s empty.”

I love finding new thoughts like that. New to me anyway. The Cure lived from 1786-1859 though so this quote is pretty old. He has lots of nifty thoughts like that.

Which brings me to the topic of Guardian Angels. Mine in particular, since it is the only one I have close to me. Stay with me while I get to the bacon part. (I may use the pronoun “him” in reference to my G.A. even though there is no gender among angels. Just to make it easier.)

Guardian Angels, not just for babies you know...

I used to wonder how people could get hurt or diseased if their Guardian Angels were there to watch over them. It didn’t make sense. Sometimes when someone would have a close brush with death they might say “wow, my guardian angel was keeping an eye out for me that time!” or something along those lines. And you have probably seen the bumper sticker “Don’t drive fster than y our Guardain Angel can fly”.  But why not the other times? Why not other people?

It was many years before I learned that Guardian Angels are not there to watch over our bodies in particular but to guard our souls and help them to get to Heaven. That is their #1 and only goal and they stand by you all your life to that end.

If we just had the eyes to see them

Now having said this, I also think they want to give you advice and help you out on a daily basis in many ways. You just have to have an inner ear to hear them. It’s hard to hear them with the noise of the world pushing against you, such as a TV or radio blasting. Keep in mind that angels are a direct line to God himself. And God is that “still small voice” you have to listen for. But while I think God might have more important things to do than keep an eye on my cooking (as an example), my Guardian Angel is right there with me, acting on His behalf. Now this may sound trivial or strange, and I could be wrong, but I think mine is constantly tapping me on the brain to remind me of things like “the bacon is done.” Now, does heaven care about my bacon? Probably not. Is it going to further my souls development? Not likely. Help me in my faith? absolutely!

This morning I was getting ready to take Paul to school. I had bacon in the oven and had checked on it once already. Suddenly, while I had my mind on what to wear, the thought in my head was “the bacon is done”. I stopped what I was doing, went out there and sure enough, it was. Another minute or two and it would have been burned. I pulled it out, laid them on a paper towel and went back to get dressed. Thanks G.A.! And I couldn’t count the number of times I have had bread or something else in the oven and then gone off to work on the internet or sew a quick seam or check on the chickens and forget about it. (who needs timers anyway? Well, maybe I need a louder one.)  Suddenly there is a reminder, popping into my head, “check on _____, its done!”

In my imagination I picture the Angel yelling it in my ear, after trying a few gentle taps on the shoulder and a nudge or two. Sometimes I am not paying attention at all and we are both frustrated when I pull a burned whatever off the stove or out of the oven. By learning to listen in these small things, and having tha confidence that G.A. is there to help me, perhaps I am more willing to listen for him in the large things too. In matters of faith, charity, hope, prayer, joy, penance, sacrifice, mercy, etc.

It happens with other areas of my life too. How many times have I gone shopping, went to grab something “intuitively” and then caught myself saying “I don’t need that” and putting it back. Then I get home and usually within 48 hours, guess what? I find that I did indeed need that. How did my G.A. know this? Like God, are they also outside of time and can see what we will need in the future, whether its sour cream, a certain book to edify us or to stay away from somewhere we think is going to be harmless? I cannot imagine how much better off I would be if I had spent more of my life listening to my Guardian Angel.

God gave us an angel to guard our souls. By learning to listen to our angels in small ways, we learn to trust them, listen for them in larger ways too. I know at least with mine that there is never a day when he can sit back on his laurels and say “Well, if anything happens to her today, at least she is a safe bet for heaven”. No, mine unfortunately is much busier than that, every single day, trying to remind me to pray, to watch out for sin, to help guide my soul to heaven.

Listen intently.

But that doesn’t always mean sitting in silence, doing nothing, just listening to the beating of your heart and the heater kicking on. It means be ready, while doing anything, to hear that “inner voice”, that “6th sense”, that “women’s intuition”. Chances are it’s your guardian angel trying to get your attention and win your trust. It’s your angel trying to guide your soul to Heaven.

Thank you G.A.

They always see God.

(My favorite image I cannot find. It is an angel with a babe in arms, a youth at his side, the other hand on the shoulder of an old man, showing that he is watching over you all your life.)

Almost forgot about this...

3 thoughts on “Guardian Angel saves my bacon

  1. That is lovely information. It is also very true. Many times I get a nudge to check something and lo and behold, a disaster is averted. God speaks to us all the time. How much we listen is entirely up to us.

    I was asked to sing a duet for the Christmas service at church and my first reaction was NO!, But God spoke to me and told me it would please Him, so what could I do? I worked very hard preparing and sweat bullets. On Sunday when it was time to sing, a peace that could only be from God and could only result from being in obedience, washed over me and we sang and it was grand. We serve a very loving and gracious GOD! He asks so little of us and offers so much.

  2. Took me a while to see this and read it. I don’t know why I don’t get an email telling me you have written a post. Anyway, may your guardian angel be merciful and sure as he guides you and your bacon! I miss you, friend. Maybe someday our lives will collide again. I think of you and pray for you often.

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