Downton Abbey

Oh my, another Sunday night over. Only a couple more left and the second season is all over.

Last year, season one, was only 4 episodes!

Lets try this again.

I was just commenting on what fun it was to watch this. How we all can’t wait to see Anna and Mr. Bates get married. (or is she going to have to visit him in jail for murder?)

Dave keeps predicting what will happen. I dont care if it’s predictable, I just want more of it!

Lets throw stones at Thomas and O’Brian. And shed a wee tear for William.

Only 2 more episodes and then I will have to kick the “Ups and downs” habit. (thats what dave calls it. “Ups and Downs is on tonight.”)

I only just heard of it this year so I went online and watched all the (four) episodes from last year to get caught up. Now they show last weeks episode at 8, then the new one at 9. (Then if I can stay awake, Sherlock Holmes…but thats a toughy. Its on until 11:30)


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