Don’t forget the granola

Am down to the last dregs in my bag of granola. I need my BYG (banana, yogurt, granola) breakfast, especially after all the eating I did this weekend! The only problem is I am out of vegy oil. What to do?
I melted some butter and added a little olive oil. It came to about 1/3 cup. Oh, I just realized, I could have used the walnut oil I still have in the fridge. (I use it in the ‘fresh apple walnut’ bread). Anyway, granola is like spaghetti sauce, you use what you have and every batch is a little different. This time the “sauce” was butter and olive oil,some of my homemade brown sugar (1/4 cup or so) , honey, vanilla and a splash of cherry syrup stuff I got from King Arthur. I heated it all up, then poured it over my oats, shredded coconut, rice crispy, nuts mix. It is in the oven now, at 300 degrees and I give it a toss-up every 20 minutes until it is all golden. Once its cooled, I add dried cherries and Craisons, and  it will be light and crispy and ready for the BYG!

(see easy-breezy granola at home post too if you want)


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