Non-stick Cast Iron? Where do I sign up?

A few years ago I was researching cast iron . I had read an article in “Cooks Illustrated Magazine” about them. I dislike the idea of the chemicals involved in nonstick pans and the fact that you need to buy new ones every time you turn around. I don’t care how much I spend on them, within a year they are discolored and starting to stick. Okay, maybe I am just harder on pans that the average person. All the more reason to use something sturdier, with lasting power, durable and tough.

I have a set of stainless steel pans, pretty nice ones, heavy enough, that do the job nicely. With proper oiling they are fairly non-stick.

But I was hankering for some cast iron, like grannie used to have. And where do you look for durable cast iron? Lodge Cookware. Thats it. American made and doing so for over 100 years. And get this! They come preseasoned now! You used to have to oil them and put them into the oven on a low heat, let cool, wipe out and repeat. Now they come preseasoned and they just keep getting better and better with use.

Bring on the 'manly breakfast' Willl-maaa!

I rub in some coconut oil, heat it up, then add butter or a bit more oil if it is something sticky like eggs. I think I use this pan every day. No kidding, every darn day! This particular skillet is actually a  duel skillet/lid. But I hardly ever use the  pot it goes with.  Its a deep fryer or with the lid, a dutch oven. The set cost under $60 these days and last, oh, I don’t know, they never wear out, so how could you know how long they would last? Unless you left them out in the rain for about a year. They would get pretty rusty and need work scrubbing and refinishing. But even then, they could still be redeemed. And to think, you get some iron in every serving to boot! No more iron poor blood, no sir. Oh, should we mention the arm muscles you develop from lifting these heavy pots and pans? Oh, maybe not.

I keep this smaller one above on a hook attached to my bakers rack. That and a little 6″ skillet I use a lot as well.

Then there is this one:

Scout version.
12" Boy Scout skillet










Cool, huh? So for a Christmas present a few years back, DH ordered 4 pieces of cast iron and I have never looked back, never lacked for just the right pan.

Not that I don’t love my stainless too. (Don’t want to hurt their feelings you know.) They each have their place.

Keep them nice and oiled. Add some oil after the pan is hot and they will be virtually non-stick and last forever.

Just don’t try to open a coconut with one. DH had a story he remembers from when he was little. How his dad was trying to open a coconut. He took one of his wife’s cast iron skillets, figuring they were indestructible. Set the coconut on the walkway, swung high and WHAM! Knocked a coconut sized hole right through the middle of the skillet. Wish I could have seen that one.

So don’t get any ideas along those lines.


One thought on “Non-stick Cast Iron? Where do I sign up?

  1. So, in a contest between cast iron and a coconut, the coconut WON?! Wow.

    We’ve actually been thinking about replacing our no-longer-non-stick cookware. I’m intrigued. I think I’ll be looking into Lodge Cookware.


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