French Dip/Philly Cheese Steak

First I make a disclaimer. I am not from Philadelphia. I do not make any claims that this is true Philly cheese steak material. Quite frankly I am not big on authenticity here. I know some people are and get quite excited about the idea. I guess that’s the risk you take when you name food after a city, country or province. For example, why hasn’t Belgium declared war on us over those sadly inferior frozen waffles things we call “Belgium” waffles? Not that I have been there, but I have heard from those that have been how fabulous their waffles really are over there. A waffle stand on every corner, wonderful scents filling the air.

Oops, I better get back on track.

Here is a dilly of a recipe I found on “Just a Pinch” recipe club. I had to adapt it a bit, but it was wonderful and I want to share it with you too. It won a blue ribbon and was submitted by “Cookingdad” Gordon Savell.

But my computer will not copy and paste this for me today. So here goes


Some“: Garlic Powder

Seasoning Salt


Emerils essentials (?)

1 pkg. Lipton Onion Soup Mix

2 boxes Beef Broth

1 Roast, 3 lbs. Good cut like shoulder

16 oz beer

Good french bread, Hoagie rolls, etc.

Grilled onions, peppers

Swiss Cheese


Put the roast in the crock pot, adding plenty of seasoning. Put in the beer, the soup mix, the broth. Cook in the crock pot on low/med (?) and it should be done in 4-6 hours. I guess you know your crock pot best to judge the timing.

When the meat is tender, take it out and shred it, adding juice. Toast a roll or bread, fill with meat and veggies then some shredded cheese and serve some ‘juice” on the side. Wonderful stuff!

Now I tend to buy my meat at Costco. I buy roasts, keep some whole for pot roast and cut some up for beef stew. I had taken out meat for stew a couple of days ago, then didn’t feel like making it.  And since I’m the kitchen boss…

That same day I got an email from the “Just a Pinch” recipe club I belong to and there was a french dip recipe. Eureka! Just what I needed. I adapted it just a little.

I browned the meat in a big enameled pot, then added the seasoning, a pack of onion soup mix, half a bottle of beer and 1 box of beef broth.

After it simmered for 3 hours, the meat was tender and the juice was wonderful. I do not often cook with beer. This most definitely worked. It gave it just the right flavor. In the past I have added sherry to make Au jus. That was good too.

Did I mention the bread? I made some home-made hoagie rolls. First time too. They came out pretty ugly (wait, isn’t that an oxy-moron?) but just the right texture and chew.  Not so soft it turned to mush, not so hard that it would seem too bready. I will post that recipe separate.

Grilled some onions, green peppers, mushrooms and threw on a slice of Havarti cheese. (it’s the only white cheese I had. Cheddar just wouldn’t do. It might not be “Philly” enough, whatever that is.)


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