Caprese Salad

So last night we had patty melts, which around here means hamburgers on sourdough toast. Add some grilled onions, a slice of cheese, okay, some bacon too and blue cheese. (mm, blue cheese!) These are Patty Melts, with attitude.

But Patties alone are not enough for my he-men. So I doctored up some baked beans. Now it was looking better, but the nutritionist mom in my head noticed there would not  really be any vegetables on those plates.

I want to enjoy my Patty Melt, not live in guilt. So lets see. Having some tomatoes on my windowsill, I sliced some up, added slivers of basil and slices of fresh mozzarella from Trader Joes. (Luckily I had just gone shopping the day before.)

Here is what it ended up looking like. Quick and easy. The guys liked it. I know, they are not home grown tomatoes. It’s too early still. I rarely buy store bought tomatoes, because really, you know they aren’t tomatoes, just imposters. But these ones were from a farmers market and they did at least smell like the real thing.

Caprese Salad

Oops, forgot the Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette. My bad. Here it is:

Ah-ah-ah! Wait...
Hubby size melt. Caramelized onion...fontina cheese...garlic mustard...drool


Lets zoom in on this one…

Just missing some grilled mushrooms.


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