A car fit for Cinderella

As I was whizzing down the freeway in 5th gear of a Fiat 500, (Yes, a “Fix-It-AgainTony”) I was pondering what it must have been like for Cinderella. After all, she got to dress up, had a new car coach with 4 horse-power, a coachman and of course, new one-of-a-kind, custom glass slippers. She only had until midnight, then she had to take it back to the dealer, so to speak.

Isn’t that the feeling one gets when driving a totally cool, fun rental car?

Its fun. It’s zippy. And it’s mine, for a whole 24 hours. More than Cindy got!

Mine, mine, mine.

Okay, I did have to share.

After all, it was hubbs lucky star that got it for us. I never would have. I took my Prius in for an oil change. (Its only about 10,000 miles overdue). The nice Toyota man noticed that it hadn’t had its safety recall repair to the doohicky. So I said ‘sure’ go for it. As long as I don’t have to pay for it.

Then I get a call. Its going to take longer than they thought and it won’t be done until tomorrow. If I so desired I could come down and they would give (give) me a rental car to use until the repairs were done. Oh darn, a rental car. (on the inside, doing the “yippee” dance.)

Well, I sure don’t want to seem inhospitable and turn down their nice offer. That would be downright unfriendly of me! So we went over and  were directed to a rental car place (the E one) just around the corner. As we pulled in, what should Dave see…

He can't quite decide which one he likes better.

This Fiat. He sat up suddenly and I saw some sparks kind of pop out from his ears.

“We want that one!”

We had been seeing this car all over town and only just recently too. They really seemed to catch ones eye.

Especially men.

Especially Daves.

So naturally he asked the guy behind the counter if we could have that one.

“Sorry, its reserved for someone else. Actually, funny enough, someone from the Toyota dealer is coming to pick it up soon.”

“So”, says Hubbs,”Just tell him it’s not available.” Ha-ha.

So we went out to wait for some dinky Ford to get washed for us to take. Fine, whatever.

Suddenly the behind-the-counter guy comes out and says, “It’s your lucky day! That guy just had to cancel.”


Of course you can guess who drove it home. You have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. (pssst, it wasn’t me.)

But it’s been major fun so far, for the 20 hours we have had it. Now I see Dave scanning Fiat 500’s on the internet. No hon, not yet.


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