Crescents, not Croissants

Hello and happy Wednesday. Time to go collect eggs. I hear one of the hens bragging right now as I type.

So last night my 14 year old up and says he wants to make crescent rolls.

Its 5:00 pm. Kind of late if he wanted them with dinner.

He says he  wants to take them to school tomorrow. Okay, fine. I don’t even ask why anymore. Besides, if I get too nosy he might change his mind and I like the idea of him being “Mr. Baker”.

I hand him the bread machine cookbook and show him where to start. He grabs the machine bucket, scrutinizes the book and starts pulling out ingredients . The nice thing about not having the game “Skyrim” around is he actually gets bored enough to want to learn to bake. So now on Saturdays he sometimes will come into the kitchen and start a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, or make some potato bread.

Finally, someone to bake with! Even if it’s just once in a while. Grandma bought his first loaf from him. She paid $10 for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had it bronzed.

I explained to him that Crescents were not Croissants. I wanted to make sure he knew the difference so he would not be disappointed with the end product.

“You know Croissants are those feather light rolls, crisp on the outside, that dissolve on your tongue when you bite into them. Dark brown, lots of layers that you can get at the bakery. Crescents were dinner rolls you just shape into-well, crescents.

Yeah, yeah mom.

So, he added the water, butter, egg, flour, sugar, salt and yeast. The machine did its thing. When it beeped, he rolled it out onto our silicon mat and brushed it with melted butter. Then, lightly using the pizza cutter, he cut our rows of triangles. He rolled them up, fat side first and put them on parchment lined baking sheets. Before you know it he had about 20 Crescents! He let them raise, baked at 375, then brushed with butter when they came out of the oven and voila!

This is the only picture I got. But don’t they look soft and warm and buttery? Is that a fly on one? Naa, just a speck of something.

Did I get one? You betcha! I picked out a tiny runt roll just to taste. Very good. The nice thing about these simple recipes are how multipurpose they are. This same recipe makes hamburger buns, any kind of dinner rolls, and if you want, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, monkey bread and on and on. I like to use more dairy in my sweet doughs, but it isn’t necessary. I often use buttermilk or milk or diluted yogurt or sour cream, or more melted butter or any combination thereof. But water works too. They just wont be as tender.

I love using bread machines. Have I mentioned that before? Repeatedly?  It’s just an extra set of hands for the home baker. The only cycle I use is the “dough” cycle. I have never baked in it. I suppose that would work, but I have too much fun shaping it myself and turning it into all kinds of other things.

You just put the ingredients in, forget about it for an hour and a half, then pull out the dough. The little girl in me that liked to play with play-dough and silly putty gets to come out and play again. This time she can eat it and not have to spit it out!

I am tempted, next time I have some time, to try real Croissants again. I have tried before with limited success. It is made using a laminated dough, rolling it out with butter, folding it, chilling it, rolling it again, folding it, chilling it. It takes time. And then, after all that time, the family has the nerve to eat them up, and they are gone before you can blink! All that work! Guzzled up! Sigh. Maybe I’ll just go down to Paris Bakery and pick up a couple.


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