My life is an I Spy book

Arrrggg. Too much stuff!

Have you been there?

Do you hear me?

It is time to purge ourselves of more of this…this…STUFF!

When my youngest muffin was younger still, he loved the “I Spy” books and we have several gathering dust in a bookcase. (It has become part of the ‘stuff’ problem.) The page would be covered in a jumble of related items and you had to find specific things on the page.

Like this…

…or this.

Welcome to my world.

Dresser anyone? I spy with my little eye…my large hair clip. Where is the !!! thing!

It is time to purge baby. And organize. And I am not naive enough to think that once I get it cleaned up, it will stay that way. That “this time I am keeping it organized”.

Yeah, who am I kidding. There is a sample of this everywhere I go in the house. Clutter! Stuff! Books piled everywhere because the bookshelves are too full and are already holding books on top of books.

Okay, what started this is simple. My older son is coming home from college soon. So there goes my sewing room. I can just toss the piles of sewing ‘stuff’ including 3 crates of fabrics, 2 boxes of tools and several bags and boxes of projects in the guest room, right?

Guess again!

Our pseudo niece is coming to live with us (and her little dog too…) for a while. So there goes my scrap booking stashing place and all the extra house flotsam that flows in with the tide and eddy’s in the guest room to settle in its corners.

Oh and how about all those crates of Legos I can’t bear to part with because someday I will have grandchildren who will want to swallow them and leave them all over the floor for me to step on at night in bare feet so I can howl in pain and wake up all the neighbors? (who am I kidding. I am just thinking of how much all those Lego kits cost and can’t bear to part with them because I am too cheap!) Now where do they go? In the rafters of the garage? That is already full of Christmas boxes and boxes of stuffed animals and that old Ned Kelly costume and Nancy Drew books…

Not that I want to make anyone feel unwelcome. It’s just that I just got used to spreading out. Its like gaining weight. Once you gain it, you might maintain it if you are careful, but the only way to lose it is hard work and suffering deprivation.Sooner or later, this day had to come.

So now, when I get in my purging moods and clean things out, with every load that goes to the trash or gets put in the donation pile, I feel like I just lost a little weight. Or at least the house did. Is it my imagination or are the walls bulging a bit less now?

And that voice in your head that is saying (loudly) “yeah, but as soon as you get rid of it, you are going to need it!” has just got to be tuned out.

I hear by give myself permission to toss out that ancient  underwear that I am in no way going to fit into anymore nor want to wear anyway that is lurking in the back of my so-called lingerie drawer. And out goes that crock pot I broke the lid to and keep telling myself I will order a new one. GOOD-BYB BABY!

Say so long to those old photo albums that are turning the pictures in them red. I pulled out the pics, filed them in labeled envelopes (you heard me right, filed them!) and put them in old Christmas boxes. Someday when I am stuck in bed with 2 broken legs, I will get around to scrap booking them all.

Giant mugs from past Oktoberfests-BAM-gone!Cookbooks I haven’t cracked open in at least 10 years-by-by! Board games missing 1 crucial piece, so long! Movies that we got on DVD even though we had them on video that are now obsolete because his highness had to get them on blue ray…

I’m pooped.


4 thoughts on “My life is an I Spy book

  1. You super crack me up!! When we got our puppy, I had to clean under the bed, and I had to admit to being in the beginning , no intermediate stages of Hoarding!! My advice to you…. When in doubt,,,,throw it out!

    1. I so agree. Thank goodness for “Hoarding”. It points out to the rest of us that we are not there yet. That is a line I hope I never cross. If I do, feel free to intervene for me.

  2. I hear you! I hear you! I had an attack like this back in January, during the last part of the kids’ break from school. I asked (forced?) my family to join in my cleaning-out crusade. We got all the closets purged and reorganized before schoolwork took over again…and I lost my drive. I seriously need to get back in gear and work on the kitchen, my bedroom, and the myriad bookcases in our home. Oh, and lots of my sewing stuff is in the Boy’s room, the dining room, or the living room right now. Sigh. Maybe we can help each other… = )

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