The Legendary Bunny-cat

I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. Mostly retired people who are in bed by 8:00.

After 8:00 pm I could go out starkies in the middle of the street and dance the hoochy-koochie dance and no one would even notice, unless of course, someone drove by. Then I would be forced to dive for the bushes.

Not that it happens. Really. Not lately anyway.

But I did take my camera out to get evidence of the legendary Bunny-cat. It was getting dark and the camera was on ‘auto’. I am not savvy enough with cameras to realize that it would mean blurry pictures. So I apologize in advance. But pictures of the Loch Ness and Sasquatch are all blurry too right? So why not the bunny-cat? I have tried getting daylight pictures but who knows where these cats and bunny go into hiding during the heat of the day. The cats belong to our neighbors.. Several of them live there. White ones, grey tabbies, all-around patchy colored ones. And this homeless bunny who adopted them. The neighbors just noticed him there one day.

Bunny-cat eating his din-din of green grass. (so thankful it hasn’t found my garden yet)

We first saw it one night when my older son was home for a visit from college.  He had just unloaded some other students who had rides waiting to take them home. Then we saw it.A large black domestic bunny in our neighbors yard, the yard where no one lived and the house was for sale. All the men folk in the family immediately started stalking it and told me to run and get the pet carrier. I meandered. I knew they would not catch that thing. It would let you get right up to within a couple of feet and skitter away. And none of us are exactly mighty hunters.

Its dusk and cloudy and blurry, but can you see the cats peeking our from behind potted plants?

All weekend the guys talked  about how they would rig up a trap to catch it. Talk was all they did. Bunny-cat disappeared for a while, discretion being the better part of valour.

They named it Rations.

Rations has appeared off and on again for some time in our neighborhood. Then one day I heard from someone who they saw it with some cats.

“They were eating it?” No, apparently not. Just hanging together.

Hanging with one of his buds

Since then I have seen it several times, always sitting around with the cats. Following the cats. sleeping on a cat. Being bathed by a cat. The cats think of it as a large black cat. The bunny thinks of itself as a cat. They are all in agreement. Apparently we are the only ones with a problem thinking of it as a cat. In fact, when I went down to the house to see if they were out yet (and without my camera!) I saw kitty…kitty…bunny-cat…kitty all walking in single file along the hedges. I say walking, but you know, bunny-cat was kind of lopping.

“Stay with me guys, safety in numbers…”

There is probably a moral to that story or a lesson in there somewhere. Whatever. I just think it’s too darn cute.

morning pictures, cats on the move

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