Quick n Easy Breakfast, California style

It doesn’t get easier than this.

Only 3 ingredients, about 3 minutes…

And isn’t it pretty too?  Yellow and green and white.

To be even more colorful we could have added salsa on top. But nah…

It is a piece of toast, topped with part of a ripe avocado and then topped with a fried egg. The avocado was mashed on to the toast with a fork. You could conceivably mash it onto a plate first if you are afraid of ruining the toast, then slide it onto the toast.

But whats makes this breakfast so mega-spectacular is….it’s all home grown and home made. Thats some of our wheat/white bread I baked a couple of days ago, the avocado was from a friends tree, the egg was fresh from our chickens bum! Okay, not too fresh. I didn’t exactly go out there at 6am to gather eggs. I did go out just now, at 4-ish to collect. Here is todays haul:

The white ones are from Lefty, the large brown ones are from Ginger, the small brown ones are from Llana…

That is a bit dishonest. It is not actually todays haul. I like to collect every few days, so it looks like more. Then I am less likely to start pointing fingers with a “Alright, who’s not pulling her load” attitude. If I space out the collections, I am very happy with what I find. Instead of 2, 3 or 4, I find 7, 8 or 9. Happy, happy.

Okay Renee, I know you probably could collect about 25 per day. You should too and sell them. Start a roadside stand. Really!


3 thoughts on “Quick n Easy Breakfast, California style

  1. true that, but I recently had 2 hens hide out -wink wink- and they hatched 23 babies between the 2 of them! And it’s adorable! The babies race around then op on top of moms back, or tuck in and hide under her wings!!!!

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