Grandmas French Fried Onion Chicken

She isn’t quite sure where the recipe came from.

It could have been from the bag of french fried onion rings. Or the internet. Or a magazine. Doesn’t really matter anymore. Now she can get it from here!

crispy, tasty, easy, what more could one ask of a chicken?

You need:

Some chicken pieces

French Fried onion rings



Its easy too. You have your chicken pieces set aside.

You take some store bought french fried onion rings, like you get in the can (or bag?) put them into a bag and crush them up.


Pour the crushed onion rings into a bowl and add a couple of Tbsp. of flour.

Dip the chicken in milk, then roll into the crushed crumbs. She then put them on a rack and popped them into a hot 400 degree oven.

She baked it an hour, then turned down the heat to 350 and cooked them until done.


No, its too easy. We must complicate this! Well, I guess we will have to be satisfied with a complicated dessert. Maybe tiramisu?


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