Lemonade Ice Tea

So, when life gives you a bunch of lemons…

Isn’t that how it starts? We were visiting a good friend, actually making home made fettuccine at his house with his vintage pasta maker and cool pasta rack (wish I had gotten a picture of that) and after an amazing dinner we were outside relaxing on the patio. There was a lemon tree. overflowing with ripe lemons. It was calling out to me.

“Oh, help yourself. “Our host says,”They’ll just rot on the tree if someone doesn’t take them”. Well, thank you! Young son and I loaded out pockets, filled out jackets. Well, only about a dozen actually.

So first thing I did the next day was zest them. ALL of them. That was one big pile of zest, let me tell you! I put it into a bag and popped it into the freezer. I have a whole summers full of zest for coffeecakes, frostings or whatever.

Oooh, we cold. We got no skins on…Cover our nakedness!

Actually, looking at it now, I missed a lot of zest, didn’t I?

Next day…

Peel off the bitter pith and run all the lemons through the juicer. They made just over 4 cups of pure lip-puckering sourness.

I mixed it up and poured it in 1 cup quantities into plastic yogurt cups and froze them. Then I will bag them and save for lemonade.


But wait, there is more.

I just randomly picked up a big box of organic black tea at Big Lots (you know, pic-n-save really). So I boiled up 4 cups of water and added 5 bags of tea to brew.

Then I put 1 cup of water to boil on the stove in a saucepan and added 1 cup of sugar. I stirred and boiled just for a few seconds until the sugar was all dissolved.  I had 1 cup of lemon juice ready to go. Into my new Pampered Chef pitcher went the tea, the lemon juice, the sugar-water and them a couple more cups of water.

Mix, swish, mix.

Let it cool, put in the fridge and when you are ready, pour over a glass of ice. Oh mama, it is just the thirst quencher. That southern sweet tea is just too dang sweet to me. Too much sugar going straight to my hips. This is just tea-ish enough and lemony enough and just sweet enough. At least it is for me. You might want more.

oh, yes, I took the tea bags out after I shot the pictures. Now with my own sugar control I don’t feel so bad about having a glassful. Not like my other favorite, the Trader Joes Lemonade tea. I love that stuff, but it too, is pretty sweet. Not sweet tea sweet, but still…

Make and enjoy.


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