Yes, Bakersfield IS in China, and I have the proof!

Some of you may recall a post I wrote about a trip I made to San Fransisco last year when I accidentally went through Bakersfield and my phones GPS said I was in China. The post was called “Speed limit enforced by Aircraft

Well, I guess it really is in China and not in the desert of California, like everyone thought.

I can say this with some authority now, since I recently went back through Bakersfield on my way back from my sons graduation in Santa Cruz. We were wanting a place to eat dinner so I looked up my location on this phone and here is what I saw…

cell phones never lie.

Feel free to try to explain to me how this is. I use Google maps as my cell GPS.  Otherwise I could not afford  to visit China.This was only a 2 and 1/2 hour ride from home. I would like to see a plane of some kind get me to China that fast.

Of course, it is still danged hot just like Bakersfield. 104 degrees or so out. And who knew they had an Olive Garden and an Applebees there too? And so many people there speak English!

But I tell you, never have I seen the ocean to the East on a local map of southern California. While driving there, we drove through the artichoke center of then world. See more about this in my next post.


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