One more tail, bioluminescent tail that is.

I forgot to tell you about the alien glow-in-the-dark fish! So let me tell you now.
We were getting ready for night, (night comes early on the high seas, or in this case, moored at Two Harbors, Catalina) when we heard a commotion coming from our neighbors. They had a family on board with children. We heard things like:
“Look! The fish light up!”
“wow, look at how many of them there are!”
“Come see all these glow in the dark fish!”
So we did.
Our curiosity got the better of us and we heaved our butts to and went topside.
I could not believe it, but sure enough, there were hundreds if not thousands of tiny glowing green/blue fish swimming around in the inky black night waters. They were swirling and weaving all around the boats making beautiful night time designs. Like a bunch of coordinated aquatic fireflies.
Hubby brought up the searchlight and shone it into the water. Immediately the waters went dark. When the light went off, within a few seconds, they lit back up again. It wasn’t a steady light, more like a slow blinking.
I tell you, it had our attention for quite a while.
We still don’t know what the little critters are called though.


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